If you want to get it off your chest than this is the place to leave your thoughts, frustrations, anger or simply your day-to-day insight into your thinking both positive and negative concerning your perspective of your particular illness or any other matter.

If you are a regular visitor to my website the articles once listed here have been moved to a new section for more serious mental health specific articles simply called Articles

The writings below will consist of inclusions written by myself or anyone who wishes to contribute. Please do send in your comments you can have a good ole ramble about anything not just your respective disorders. However I reserve the right to exclude any entry which may not be suitable for visitors to this website or any offensive material of an inflammatory nature. I cannot however imagine anyone with OCD or any other of the disorders on this website writing anything obviously offensive.

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I am going to start of by sharing with you something I have written about noise.

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Ramblings: Noise