About Me

I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well.

You may probably think that a nearly 600 page autobiography should be more than enough about me. However my memoir Demons of the Mind: A memoir of an Obsessive-Compulsive contains mostly the negative OCD aspect of my life and like all those who suffer with this disorder there is more to me than my illnesses. Besides not everyone may want to wade through such a lengthy account. For anyone who just wants a quick OCD story click here for my very abbreviated version entitled My Story.

Oh I do so find this rather ego centric but it’s nice to know a bit about the person who has created a web site, makes it more personal and friendly. I was born in the midlands, have lived in Sussex for thirty years and now live in the North East of England. My exact age? Well if you are really that interested and it matters that much, as sadly it seems to nowadays, it will be obvious from my memoir how old I am. Age for me is a sensitive issue due partly to the usual anxiety a lot of us women have but also due to regret for the passing of a good number of years wasted with OCD.

I have black hair, sadly now maintained thanks to modern hair colourants J, blue eyes and I am about five feet tall. Sorry no photo, another OCD thing due to a combination of an OCD type superstitious fear and mild body dysmorphic disorder. I am married with one son; I also had a daughter who was sadly still born.

interests are painting and drawing and I am trying to learn calligraphy. I am interested in medieval manuscripts; I am fascinated by this form of medieval artwork, and would like to learn how to write and decorate illuminated manuscripts. I have painted the graphics on this web page and other similar pages; they are based upon illustrations from the book of kells. Such pastimes afford some satisfaction and respite from my OCD. For similar reasons I enjoy the computer and have had enormous satisfaction from the construction of these web pages albeit hindered with not only technical problems but also the OCD problems that make doing anything a real challenge. I enjoy the Internet, which has made me feel less alone with my fears.

I like reading when not too stressed as it provides some escape from my problems. I like to read science fiction and fantasy of the Tolkien type genre. My favourite being the lord of the Rings. I also enjoy travel books especially the experiences of travellers who have visited the orient, particularly Tibet. I also find satisfaction and comfort from reading religious, philosophical and esoteric books and anything interesting in the metaphysical and new age field. Yes I do have religious/ scrupulosity OCD and I do have a compulsion to ruminate and contemplate such concerns as part of my OCD. Nonetheless I do find reading about such subjects interesting and rewarding even if it does fuel the fire of my preoccupation with such matters. I am interested in religion and philosophy as a subject but when it comes to religion as a way of life I tend to adopt the pick and mix philosophy of new age thinking. However I have a particular interest in Buddhism and Taoism. I love to debate religion and politics but have found that the advice not to discuss such subjects with friends to be very good advice indeed, so I will only discuss such matters with relation to OCD, and I am certainly not going to go into any detail about my rather radical political ideologyJ. I also read any self-help books that may assist me in coping with my OCD.

I also like walking in the many scenic areas that are within easy travelling distance of my new home in the Northeast. Such as the Durham Dales, The Yorkshire Dales, the Yorkshire Moors, Scotland and the Lake District. However unfortunately due to some of my illnesses it is quite difficult to walk any great distance now. Nonetheless I feel some elevation in my mood when visiting such places of natural beauty. Both my husband John and I also are quite fond of sheep, hence all the photographs in the gallery section taken by my husband John during our many holidays and trips out. I am concerned about all animals and I am interested in animal rights. However due to ill health I cannot take an active role in any animal rights activities, which I hasten to add, would be strictly non violent. I am a vegetarian and have been so for over ten years.

Well that is enough about me. Oh just one more thing I do so enjoy writing even if it is hindered by OCD checking compulsions however my renditions can be long winded, rather rambling and long drawn out which can be a result of having OCD: just to be sure I get it right and have not missed anything out. Notwithstanding this tendency on my part I hope you enjoy my web site.