A Day in the Life of……..

This section is for the inclusion of accounts from a day in the life of sufferers of the mental health problems featured on this web site. The idea is to give a glimpse into the difficult lives that we lead. Hopefully such insight will lead to a better understanding of the conditions from which we suffer both for professionals, carers and the public in general. During the long years in which I have suffered from OCD and other anxiety disorders I have found that in general there is little real understanding for our predicament let alone sympathy or compassion. However, such indifference and even uncaring may simply be the result of a lack of empathy and understanding of what it is like to live as we do, the difficulties we face and the enormous impact that our illnesses have not only upon our lives but the lives of those who care about us such as partners, parents friends and so on.

Would you like to share a day in your life with fellow sufferers, carers, mental health professionals and interested others? If the answer is yes please send in your contribution. You need not include your real name. However a few details concerning the duration of your illness, it’s symptoms and how it has effected your life would be helpful as background information to your contribution. Also contributions may be of any length: write as little or as much as you like.

Please do not be put off by my rather lengthy account, you do not have to write that much – unless of course you wish to do so. For the most part everything I write is rather long and rambling, it is part of the way I am, I find it impossible to be more concise.

Important: please note that so far I am the only two articles however I have listed the disorders for which I hope to receive contributions but any mental health problem may be included: the list is just an example. Please also note that if your illness already has a contributor do not hesitate to send in your account the more stories we have the better and of course everyone’s experiences are different no two sufferers present with the exact same symptoms.