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Regular visitors to my website will notice that the name has changed.  The original name oc-illnesses-and has been replaced with ocd-plus. I have done this for ease of use, the previous name being rather awkward and not easy to remember. The new name rather like the old one doesn’t reflect the entire purpose of this website but finding a name that is easy to remember and encompasses the broad theme of this website was not easy to find. The theme and purpose of the website will remain as already described below although in the future the format will be redesigned. The new url is   Until November 2008 you may still connect to this website using the old url  Please alter your book marks if you are a regular visitor or links if you are a website owner who has linked to me.  I will endeavor to write to website owners that I know have links to my website and to regular users. The url of my blog Ocd and more should remain the same. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity

T.S. Eliot


This web site concerns mainly psychological disorders of an
obsessive-compulsive nature in particular obsessive-compulsive disorder
OCD,obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders OCSD and anorexia
*1 There is also a section concerning other related anxiety disorders such as phobias, panic disorder and so on. In the near future I hope to include information concerning Autism Spectrum Disorders ASDs as I believe that in some cases there is a relationship between these conditions.


Why these disorders? I suffer from OCD and a number of related conditions such as depression, hypochondriasis, general anxiety disorder GAD, social anxiety which I once considered to be social phobia but which I now consider may be Aspergers syndrome AS or traits thereof, for more comprehensive information please refer to my blog Ocd and more. My late sister suffered from anorexia nervosa, along with agoraphobia, hypochondriasis and panic disorder. My son has Aspergers Syndrome, an ASD, depression and general anxiety.  My sister, son and I have led very difficult lives due to our respective illnesses and our potential or otherwise has been greatly affected by these life-consuming maladies. Often one tends to dwell on the negative aspects of ones life, especially if incapacitated by inhibiting illness such as those mentioned above or indeed any other similar conditions. The focus tends to centre upon the illness and what one cannot do because of this affliction. Therefore in addition to the explanation of the nature of these conditions this site focuses on what sufferers can do rather than what they cannot do. It centres on achievements attained despite unbelievable odds rather than all the failures or frustrations that beset sufferers. By comparison to normal standards these may not appear to be that significant however for those who suffer with these and similar maladies such achievements do not come easily, they are won with determination to overcome crippling odds, whilst in a continuous battle with ones mind, a mind seemingly hell bent on its own destruction.



The purpose of this site is to display the artwork, crafts, literary and indeed any other creative accomplishments of anyone afflicted by the above or similar conditions in fact any mental health disorder and also ASDs 2. Also sufferers are invited to share their experiences and perspectives concerning his or her particular illness.  By sharing experiences and accomplishments this web site has the purpose of alleviating the feelings of worthlessness, loneliness and isolation often experienced by sufferers of these disorders, as they are met with a lack of understanding from mainstream society.



This web site is intended to encourage sufferers to feel less alone by sharing experiences and creative accomplishments. This is not a medical site, I have no medical qualifications. I am not a mental health professional. This web site represents my own perspective, some of which may not necessarily agree with current medical practice. Consult a doctor or mental health professional for treatment and never discontinue treatment prescribed by your doctor or mental health professional without prior consultation. Also note that I do notendorse or recommend any of the complimentary treatments mentioned in my book: Demons of the Mind: A Memoir of an Obsessive-Compulsive.


My personal recommendations concerning complimentary medicine of any kind is to never undertake any treatment without consulting your doctor first and never replace treatment or supplement medication prescribed by your doctor with complimentary medicine without prior consultation with him or her.  This is particularly important with homeopathic and herbal medicine as such treatments can have serious and dangerous interactions with orthodox medications. 


Constructive criticism will be welcomed concerning accuracy of information.


Comments on any aspect of OCD, OCSDs, Anorexia Nervosa and other anxiety disorders, ASDs and other conditions included on this web site or any other aspect of this web site are also welcome.         


Contributions from sufferers of any psychological disorder and ASDs are invited including autobiographies, photographs of artwork and crafts, stories, poetry and any other literary contribution.





There is some difference of opinion concerning the classification of certain illness under the category of OCSDs, therefore I will include only those disorders that are generally understood as OCSDs and with which most people are familiar.  OCSDs included on this web site are: trichotillomania, Tourett’s syndrome, hypochondriasis, compulsive skin pricking CSP and body dysmorphic disorder BDD. Others may be included in due course. Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa are sometimes included amongst OCSDs but for the purposes of this web site and my uncertainty concerning this classification I have included anorexia nervosa separately. However in my opinion anorexia nervosa most certainly fits the category of an OCSD.



Please note that ASDs are not considered mental health conditions but rather developmental disabilities that affect the way a person communicates and relates to people around them and are generally considered to be of neurological origin. More information: The National Autistic Society – Home

However I believe that in time anxiety disorders such as OCD and other mental health problems may well be reconsidered as neurological rather than purely psychological.




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